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Official ICQ User List for Norway
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  ICQ List Name:   "Norwegians! - I Seek You"
  Description / Purpose:   Communication with/between Norwegians  
  Number Of Users:      8806
  Last Updated:   03-08-2012
  List Created:   23-05-1997
  To be added to this List:   Fill out the Registration Form
  ICQ List Administrator:   Frode Haug  (Høgskolen i Gjøvik)

icqlogo The "Norwegians! - I Seek You" has chosen ICQ as its prefered communication method between people. It allows people to talk to other people whenever they wish. To be able to get in contact with fellows to meet one another and share ideas, concepts and anything else they may want to talk about. We are encouraging all poeple to get ICQ, then Fill out the Registration Form so we can add it to the list, making it easy for other people to contact you if they would like to. All "Norwegians! - I Seek You" fellows are included in the list by default. If you would like to be excluded from the list, or changing some of the information about you, please fill out the form again with the changes or your request for removing. Thank you. 

What is ICQ

¤ ICQ is very user-friendly

¤ ICQ continually tells you which of your friends & colleagues are online

¤ ICQ gives you real-time chat with online friends and colleagues

¤ ICQ allows you to quickly send messages back and forth

¤ ICQ lets you easily send files to other people

ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly, Internet program that tells you who's online at all times. No longer will you search in vain for friends & associates on the Net. ICQ does the searching for you, alerting you when friends or colleague sign on. With ICQ, you can chat, send messages and files, play games or just hang out with your fellow 'netters while still surfing the net.
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